Judges’ decision was black and white for snapper Jane

An amateur photographer is urging more people to enjoy ‘me time’ photographing the beautiful South Pennines Park.

Jane Walton, a nurse, said she loves escaping from her professional life and taking photographs to help her unwind.

Jane, 50, from Rochdale, admits she’s no professional when it comes to taking photos – but after some gentle encouragement from partner Sean, she has been learning to use the settings on her digital camera and is delighted with the results.

She said: “I have always enjoys taking photographs and got myself a fancy Canon camera a few years ago – but I always used the auto setting.

“As the kids have got older, I’ve been teaching myself through online videos and trial and error on the different settings. A lot of pictures come out blurry, or too light or dark, but it gives you the freedom to really focus on your subject. I have enjoyed spending time looking at the detail and trying to get the right shot.

“I’ve recently started using an editing software and changed the image of the Ellenroad Engine House Steam Museum in Rochdale to black and white as I thought it would suit it as it’s quite vintage.”

Jane saw the South Pennines Park photography competition promoted on social media and decided to submit her image. Clearly the judges liked the image too – as she was announced winner of the May competition.

Jane added: “I was chuffed to bits when I found out! It’s made me think that what I’m doing is actually quite good. It has encouraged me to develop my skills further and keep pushing myself.

“My advice to any other budding photographer would be to keep it up and enter the South Pennines Park photography competition. You never know what might happen!”