Drone Tender News

Calling drone and stills photographer along the length of the River Holme. The Project Partners for Nature’s Holme (South Pennines Park, University of Huddersfield, River Holme Connections and Palladium) are excited to offer the opportunity to collate drone and still footage along the length of the River Holme landscape. The tender also includes the production of two short videos: a ‘virtual flyover’ of the river form source to its confluence with the River Colne and a promotional video for the Nature’s Holme project itself.

Nature’s Holme is the project aiming to improve biodiversity and water quality across 2800ha of the landscape here in the Holme Valley, Yorkshire.

One of 22 nationally important projects funded by DEFRA, a collection of organisations and over 20 landowners have come together to plan and design interventions to improve water quality and increase biodiversity throughout the River Holme catchment.

Nature’s Holme intends to boost wider access opportunities for everyone, improve biodiversity, create quality local jobs and help the Holme Valley and Kirklees become net zero. It aims to achieve this through woodland creation, peatland restoration, river restoration, accessible path extensions, wildflower meadow creation and natural flood management works such as ponds and scrapes to store water.

This tender is now closed.

Closing Date: Friday 3rd November 2023
Successful Applicants Notified: week commencing 18th December 2023