As our world faces change on an unprecedented scale, the need to look after our precious natural environments is more important than ever.

The South Pennines Park is rich in unique habitats and ecosystems. Wet heaths, blanket bogs and heather moorland make the area internationally important for rare breeds of bird. Upland sheep grazing and occasional winter burning need to be carefully managed so as not to damage our beautiful uplands. In a place like the South Pennines which encompasses so many populated areas, flood prevention and fire safety must be a priority to avoid real potential threats to life and livelihoods.

But it’s not just about preventing potential damage to the environment; it’s also about recognising the positive impact that these environments, preserved and promoted, can have on people. Feeling connected to a beautiful natural environment like the South Pennines can generate so many tangible benefits for our neighbours and visitors, literally transforming habits, health and local economies.