The South Pennines Park is leading the way for places which defy easy definition. Diverse places. Part-rural, but also featuring market towns, industrial centres and urban fringes. Places which are about more than just the landscape; places which have people at their heart.

People and their work are a huge part of the history of the South Pennines Park. They’ve left a visible mark in the form of canals, reservoirs, quarries, packhorse trails and other landmarks.

And people, all people – urban and rural, our neighbours and visitors, the already engaged and the less heard communities – are an integral part of our future. The South Pennines Park doesn’t belong to us; it’s a place for everyone, where everyone is welcome.


Here, people and place are inseparable. That’s why we’re developing the South Pennines Park in a way that’s truly  ; treating the health of humans, place and biodiversity equally while growing local jobs, providing opportunities, building infrastructure and boosting prosperity.